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It is not just ok to decide to start an online store as it is popularly called but it takes much more. Mrs Laetitia Nyop who is the CEO of Buyforafrica made us understand it takes much more than an idea. It takes your enthusiasm about what you hope to provide. To her it does not just end at starting the shop, but it goes further to making sure your consumers get what they need in time and in great quality too for her it was just as easy as managing a hotel which she does and have as sole aim to make sure your customers are always satisfied.

                        One of her main aims is to showcase the beauty of African products to Africa and to the world at large. She says, ‘why do we spend our time promoting the market of clothes and shoes from China, America and so on when we have wonderful high-quality regalia made in Africa, by Africans for Africa and the World?’ To her she feels is probably due to the fact that consumers are not fully aware of what they can get in the African market and also due to the fact that good producers do not have the necessary exposure to market their products. For that reason, she has decided to bring the African market closer by getting to all the best there is to get to and with the digitalisation of the world this goal will even be met more easily. Not only that but in her opinion, it will create more employment opportunities for the population of Africa. The example she used was if one designer in Cameroon can employ 50 people then in a population of about 25 million like our country, so many will find good jobs with encouraging pays too.

The business analyst group had as task today to contact potential suppliers. Wow do you ever stop to think of how the articles that we see on the online market find themselves there or do we just think they conjured themselves there? Wrong conception all the way. For business men who are concerned about the quality of goods their customers get and also for those who are eager for the world to see the beauty the items they put out in the market carry like Mrs Leticia, it is a very big step one that actually has to do with screening of supplies to make sure only the best of the best is placed out there and that those with real talent are exposed to the world.

             The business analyst who was more than committed to their tasks said there was no need creating an empty E-COMMERCE site hence it is of relevant importance to find producers who can meet up with your target consumers. Thanks to the digital world they fells sure that they can get to these great minds by e-mail and for those he can’t reach via this medium, they will call, text and even visit them if that is what it takes to make them a part of a business that will transform so many lives.

To make sure everyone is getting a fair share of what they deserve, they have put in place terms of work which are flexible depending on the utility provider. These contracts are not fixed but can be negotiated before the start of the business or within the frame of the business to make sure no one feels cheated or minimised In the business. I guess what they are trying to say is you being a service provider will feel almost as though you are doing business directly with your client even though there is a middle man.

You see E-COMMERCE is no scam neither is it a spam. It is a genuine business depending on the motives of the owner and also their enthusiasm about finding the right partners.

Where do you fall?

Are you a potential supplier?

Are you a suitable customer?

 Then you are in the right place. The Mapubi group has more than able partners like Buyforafrica.

                                                                                          Mbi Vanessa and Tatiana Nsei


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