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ERP which fully means Enterprise Resource Planning it actually a set of applications that unify database input, processing and retrieval as well as multiple other business function and widening of business units. The program permits for its users to own a large business and still manage it from one point as it helps in harmonising the work done in the various branches from one standpoint.


   This idea is one that has come to relieve people with visions of owning big businesses but with little ideas on how to manage these businesses especially maybe due to the fact that these businesses are located in different areas. ERP is here to tell all its users that once you have a chain of businesses that should be doing the same thing it suffices for you to have an ERP and then lunch common commands to all groups so at every point in time u are sure everyone no, matter where they are have similar roles to play.

It has so impacted the business sector because of its flexibility. One of the businesses that was greatly influenced by the coming of ERP is the banking sector. It provides an entire spectrum of agile banking and finance solutions and services. This service enabled solution transform banking and financial service institutions into modern enterprises which adapt to accommodate new or  upcoming business services and expand easily. It has as benefits a secure transaction, live operations following, 24 by 7 database, investigation and evaluation. These benefits do not only make work easier but ensures secured transactions.



 This application really makes the life of its users easy and the beautiful part is here at Mapubi there are experts who can make this application and adapt it to your business. All it takes it to contact them for all the information you need.                                                                              Mbi Vanessa and Tatiana Nsei


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