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  1. Mrs Laetitia Nyop CEO of buyforafrica. She is the General manager of hotel Ibis Lome centre in Togo. She is adventurous and confident. The success of other Africans is her watch tool. She is one of the people who thinks everyone has something to offer and she told us at the beginning of the summer school that with her product buyforafrica she is determined to promote products done by Africans for Africans and the World at large.

2.Mr Paul Emmanuel Ndjeng owner of the blog INBOUND 361. So much fun to be around. In his words he was born in Bamenda and that too on the road due to absence of taxis at that time.  In other news, he did one year in level one, two in level two and three in level three. That is by the way.  To him, everything you do in life should be governed your enthusiasm for it and you should work relentlessly towards achieving your goal because once you hit the target people will look for you because of the services you offer.

3. Mr Yannick Nana representative of Camairco Paris.  He is a young Cameroonian who studied project management. He is dynamic and joyous by nature. He is one of the people who think hard work is a big tool when it comes to success. Its not just about the certificates. He said its important to start your career very young and that you can make it everywhere if you put your mind to it.

4. Mrs Funmilayo Olaore. She is a Development facilitator and Executive Director of Save a child Save a Nation Foundation. She is from Nigeria. Her vision is to for every young person, regardless of gender or socioeconomic standing’ to come into their own with the possibility of avoiding  the mistakes of the generation before them. She made us understand that the friends you keep are a strong part of whether you make it or fail in life. The peer pressure around you should be in the positive direction. She admitted she made it so far in life because of the influence of good friends who wont let her lag behind. She advised we can use her strategy. Also that we should remember that its not about where you study but its bout who you are and the contributions you are ready to make to your personal success and to the good of the society.

5. Mr Emmanuel Njang a medical doctor at Fundong District Hospital. First ever Cameroonian to have been president of the Federation of African Medical students association. In 2017 he was voted most influential young Cameroonian in Science and Technology. He plays a key role in running HERO ( HEALTH EDUCATION AND RESEARCH ORGANISATION). He is the medical director of Maealth which runs a mobile health application called ‘Help Yourself’. What he had to tell us was ask yourself three questions which are;

  • What is your vision
  • What is your mission and
  • What is your passion.

            with that in mind if you can link your mission with your passion then you will go a long way to accomplishing your mission.

6. A Cameroonian. She has a degree in computer sciences and have been working as a consultant for more than ten years in several positions including software developer, team coordinator and quality manager first for Accenture in Germany and North America and now for Lufthansa industry solutions. As the big inspiration that she is she throw a little light on humility. To her it might take an event in your life to humble you but fact remains being humble is the best thing that can happen to you. Also she said it does not end when you fail but what you decide to do when you fail will determine your end. She is one of those who is all for the fact that Africa has talents yet to be explored and a lot to offer to the world.

All the above mentioned where a great part of the summer school Cameroon. With each one of them who spoke there was a lot to learn and all the messages that came through from them went a long way to boost us positively.



                                                                                            Mbi Vanessa and Tatiana Nsei


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