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Scrum at a glance


Scrum! Wow when I first heard the name I rushed to my dictionary. According to the English dictionary it is a tightly parked and disorderly crowd of people.

Question; what has a disorderly crowd of people got to do with the digital world? It was a million dollar question but one I was more than eager to answer before the end of day one. With that in mind I put on a whole new suit of attention.

Mrs. Olivia Davis-Mbou shade more light to my profound darkness. She made me understand that  Scrum was an agile and lightweight process. One that lets you accomplish a task within a pre-defined period. Wow the confusion got worst I mean how does a disorderly crowd of people make a process lightweight? I wondered yet remained focus.


                 She further explained that it gave individuals working together an opportunity to interact rather than just depend on processes and tools. This way we can know what each member of the team can do and also clarify those who can’t meet up with their tasks so every member of the team is always conscious about their duties.

 She made the saying “half bread is better than none” more real in the sense that Scrum is all about a working software at every point in time and not just completed documentation with no work done. In her words, “a sponsor will always be impressed to see the progress you have made with the project and not just completed paperwork.

The customer is a part of the team in Scrum. Unlike popular belief which is that the customer is just there to provide the funds and dictate what they want, they are actually involved every step of the way. Given that Scrum gives room for flexibility there is the possibility to change things about the initial contract depending on what end both the service provider and the customer hope to achieve. This flexibility brought to light the act that Scrum responds to change and not just follow a prescribed plan of action. This in Itself gives the customer and service provider a better working platform and better room to negotiate the terms of workThe whole aim of all this talking was to make us understand that with Scrum giving the right task to the right person breeds productivity and makes accountability better to achieve.

At this point as you are by now I knew what Scrum was all about then it hit me

Scrum can be used even in our daily lives and as one of the mentors for the day Mrs Leticia who is the CEO of Buyforafrica rightly put we all are managers of our lives and implementing such a strategy will help us make better decisions because as one of the summer school tutors  says its simply listing every item you have to do, list those in progress and list those which are completed that way you are the sole proprietor of everything that goes on in your life as Mr Paul Emmanuel Ndgeng owner of INBOUND 361 puts.


                   Lets take a look at srcum in a Catholic Hospital. The catholic health board is the product owner, the director is the scrum master and the rest of the staff are the project team. Now the task at the start of the week is for the doctors to consult all patients during the week, do ward rounds, do surgeries. Nurses have as roles to serve patients treatment, take vital parameters and ensure patients comfort. The cleaners have to ensure the whole hospital is clean for quick recovery of patients and the guards have to ensure safety of both staff and patients as well as property. If any of these people fail in their task as is always the case, the rest of the team suffers but Scrum is here to solve this problem. If at the start of the week, the director has to set all targets for the week and at the end of each day there is a stand up meeting to see how far they have come and also to make sure everyone is working. I think with this, the productivity of many hospitals will increase.

This is to tell you that scrum can be implemented in every area of life and all it takes Is for you to be interested in Scrum and find experts like the Mapubi group who are more than willing to teach all there is to know about scrum and effective implementation in whatever you do.

I mean absolutely wonderful from no clue to a professor in a day If you can say that and this is all thanks to Mapubi and its wonderful tutors and mentors.

                                                                                              Mbi Vanessa and Tatiana Nsei


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