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Story telling?? Scope of Blogging



Blogging… hmm where do I start? I was one of those who saw bloggers as lazy people who had been bound and frustrated at every possible level. I mean must they always be in glasses? But again yes they have to be because they are always in front of the screen. They are bound to destroy their eyes. This is called computer strain syndrome.

But trust me when I say I have never been so wrong than right. I mean these are people who put in so much to be sure you get the facts when it comes to every domain of life. Contrary to what we might think, these people know themselves so well and wear glasses as a precaution and not as victims.

The importance of the words they Wright gives them a sense of power you will hardly find. So Mr Paul Emmanuel Ndjeng who is the owner of the blog INBOUND 361 was around today and I must tell you ‘THESE ARE NO BEGGERS’   they do genuine work like you and me and if not more authentic work because they have to check and double check their facts before putting them out there. Yeah he admitted they spend day after day sitting in front of the computer and mostly family members who are getting frustrated at the fact that you are probably a graduate who spends every waking hour in front of the screen get relieved and sort to know more about your carrier as a blogger when they see you are able to provide for needs just like every other person with a white collar job and even do much more. I mean to this great mind, from 2003 he saw the good the internet had to offer and discovered he can make an honest living out of it. All it takes is for you to make family a part of what you do by taking out time to explain to them the importance of your work. They may never read about an article you wrote but you will be surprised that they will be your number one marketers.

Every time spent for them is to make sure their audience is getting something be it educational, leisure, politics, gossips, fashion trends and all what not. The habit of people like me who ignore these blog post really is not helping. Maybe you were not well informed about the blog and probably hit a blog on gossip when you are interested in politics… too bad but please do not be in a quick hurry to dismiss other blogs. Make it your aim to find bloggers who do the kind of stuff you can be interested in and you will see your quest for the so much in them will always be on the rise.


See me writing like a big professional and I am sure you guys are convinced I am a blogger well you may be right I am. But it’s absolutely not before today. Ordinarily I will just criticize these hard workers and go ranting on how they lack what to do and spend their time meddling in people’s affairs or calling them story tellers as good friend puts it but that is because I was missing a point which is every blogger has an audience just find the audience where you belong and it will just be like reading and watching the day to day news in the domain that interest you so much because to make it easier, they are reporters making constructive noise about you for you. Even better, they give you room to interact with them and take out time to clear every doubt you might have. All these insight is thanks to Mapubi I mean so much in just little time. Thanks for broadening my scope and making me more open to the innovations around me. The world has gone digital so where do you fall?

Have you always seen bloggers to be lazy people?

Did you read information from the wrong provider?

Is it you don’t just want to admit these people do as much work as any other person who claims to be working?

                                                                                                    Mbi Vanessa and Tatiana Nsei



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