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Interview with Mbi Vanessa

 Mbi Vanessa, 7th year Medical Student

(HERO Cameroon)


1) Please introduce yourself and tell us your name, country of origin, profession and hobbies.

I am Fozao Mbi Vanessa. Am a proud Cameroonian and a final year medical student. I love writing, cooking, giving motivational talks and above all singing.

2) What was / is your academic cycle?

I attended a Catholic Primary School, then Presbyterian Secondary School and present at the University of Bamenda.


3) How long have you been living where you are?

I have been in Bamenda for the past 13 years.


 4) How long have you been working in your profession? Why did you decide to choose this profession?

I have been in the medical field for 7 years. I got into medicine because I love helping people especially in issues of health. I felt I could not change I am looking for and I think I am better than being I am passionate about. I am certain without doubt I am an agent of change. It just makes me love the job more.


5) Are you involved in community projects that benefit the African diaspora or African communities? Please describe them?

I am a proud volunteer. I volunteer for HERO Cameroon. I also volunteer for body talk. I am all about educating my community Anything is educated towards educating I partake in. Right now I write articles on health and society in a bid to educate my community.


6)What was your motivation before starting?

Before getting into the medical field, I watched my dad. He is an exceptional physician and puts the health of his patients above all else. This made me admire the profession so much. When I realized I had so many people with little or no help. This made me want to help the more. I committed myself to becoming a doctor.


7)What did you do and what was your best experience?

One of my best experiences has been visited. It has been exciting for me to help people Actually In Their Daily Living.


8) How does your project affect the youth and women in your community?

Writing about health and societal issues did are sometimes swayed by peer pressure and negative influence from friends. So, my writing educate women on health issues and the lot on self-identity.


9)What are you looking for in your field?

The youth and women I Cameroon have limited opportunities in the medical field. There is silence so much to be harnessed about medicine in the tropics and to the state, they could bring this change.


10)What advice would you give to a young person?

I want to say that they do not rush into it. It is a field that requires patience and your love for it. They should skip the excitement of big names because in the end between you and your patient. Balance for better.


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