Get to know our Partners and Sponsors
Get to know our Partners and Sponsors
Impact your generation ...
 Impact your generation ...

Our Partners



                   Girl360 Empowerment and Development Foundation is a non-profit organization set up to help the less privileged girls and women in the Society.

GirL360 was founded in 2015 as GIRL360 project partnering with other non-for-profit development organizations and became fully established 2016 as GirL360 Empowerment and Development Foundation registered by Cooperate Affairs Commission.

Girls360 Empowerment and Development Foundation has been taking care of the poorest in the Nigerian society for several years. Initially street children and orphans in the poorest communities have been welcomed. Also, they work in partnership with orphanages where the foundation takes care of their school fees.

Girl360 is committed to the promotion of sustainability of the human community through poverty reduction and influencing the alleviation of socio-economic difficulties or challenges and development of human capacity as it pertains to the womenfolk in society.

 Save a Child Save a Nation (SACSAN)


          Save a Child Save a Nation (SACSAN) Foundation is a registered non-governmental organisation, duly incorporated in Nigeria on July 29, 2011. Its vision is to realise a nation of self-motivated, self-reliant, self-disciplined and selfless leaders, with a focus on education and youth development, through Career Development Programmes, Entrepreneurship Education/Empowerment and School based Mentoring.
             Funmi Olaore and her team of volunteers organise free Career Development
Workshops at secondary schools. The event below was their maiden edition of the “Talk with the Professionals event” which took place at McRoyal College, Lagos in June 2016.
          The purpose of the event was to bring adults in various professions to speak with the students, to inspire them, to expand their horizons on the possibilities available to them and give them an idea of how relevant their subject choices are to their careers and the world of work.

 The University of Douala (IUT)


The university of Douala is the university of the largest city of Cameroon. We are working with the faculty of Computer Sciences. For further information about the university, please visit their website on

Our next project at the university of Douala is a summer school, that will take place from September 05th to September 09th 2016. Please refer to the Summer School section of our home page to register to this event as a student.


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