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Fonkou Steve's Testimonial

Participant during the Yaounde 2018 Digital Academy Summer School Program







                      The word typically sounds like you were in some Chicago area because am familiar with our “dry and rainy” seasons. But believe me “Summer School” is just a transfiguration of what happens in Silicon Valley no matter where its located on the globe. If we tend to value signboards place on the road side, then we can’t deny the invaluable price of “life signboards”. I call them mentors.

            I came all excited and certainly not knowing why, what could a medic be doing in the mist of computer geeks. Welcomed like a family member, I quickly merged into the décor. The activities which ensued from “e-Mentoring”(quite something I witnessed for my  first time) introduction to SCRUM amongst others. I must confess, I tried hunting the whale at the very word “GO” of the program but I quickly drifted from the JAVA developer group to the System Administration group where we worked mainly in UBUNTU. This was much fun and learning experience with the super-talented Stanly. As for the story tellers, I think I gave them a scoop. At the end, I knew I was at the right place, doing the right thing at the right time. Yes, I was in Yaoundé, attending Summer School at a time when the entire world is shaping a digital career in all aspects of life.

                     I am grateful to HERO Cameroon for this unique opportunity. I wish I could give back to all the mentors who participated during this program. The Summer School family, I am speechless for your love. The best is always kept for the end, Mrs. Olivia Mbou, the fruits of your labor will be uncountable. It might have been a one week program but it’s my entire life now….


                                                                                    Fonkou Hygin Steve, Summer Schooler 2018

University of Buea


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