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Yaounde Digital Academy Summer School program 2018






         One lovely Wednesday morning I was informed about the summer school. Inquisitive as I was I immediately asked what it was all about. I was told it was meant to give me awareness in the digital field. WOW I said to myself. I have never really been used to the digital world but I was more than sure I wanted to learn all I could  from the experience.  Monday 16th
 of July I was present as early as 8am. Yeah I know
I was super excited yet scared that I was not going to fit in.

Not long, I met the lovely MAPUBI team headed by Mrs Olivia Davis Mbou who welcomed us and made us all felt at home. She offered us kind words an immediately I was sure MAPUBI SUMMER SCHOOL was a place for me.  She made us understand we all had a role to play in the team, she gave me a sense of belonging.
       As the beautiful program unfolded we had wonderful talks from influential people from
around the world all of whom had made it a point of duty to invest in the lives of the
younger ones(e-mentoring). They had so much to tell us and surprisingly not only on the
digital world but on life as a whole. Their encouraging words made me more than
determined to follow my dreams. They made me understand that the only thing limiting me was me and that i could actually do more if I believed.
       I had the opportunity to visit KIRO’O games and I must say the fact that it was an
initiative from young people who choose not to rely only on the government for jobs but
actually be a part of creating these jobs was a big plus. They made me understand the start is never easy but being persistent in what you want and hard working will definitely get you to that expected point. We equally went to SOPECAM where we were given great insight on the use of technology to produce news for the benefit of the masses. Equally they spoke of the opportunities available to youth especially when it came to digital news. All through their lectures I was more than glad with the so much we could do with digital knowledge.
         The world has gone digital and it’s for us to go with the change. MAPUBI  SUMMER
SCHOOL thought me to invest in the digital world and even more in me and I am more than
willing to give back all I learned which is the only way we can grow as a society.
        Thanks to the MAPUBI SUMMER SCHOOL for the opportunity. It was a life changing
                                                                                                                                            Mbi Vanessa
                                                                                                                              University of Bamenda


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