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Interview with Mr Christian Ndjeng


  1. Please introduce yourself and tell us your name, country of origin, profession and hobbies.

My name is Christian Ndjeng. Being born in Ivory Coast, my parents are originally from Cameroon, so I feel more like an African. I am currently working as a business consultant specialized in SAP ERP solutions with particular focus in finance and controlling processes. In private I’m interested at ancient civilizations, history, scientific articles, coming along with people from different horizons and sports.

  1. What was your academic cycle ?

I’m a master graduate in business administration and engineering. On the business administration side I’m specialized in finance and controlling and on the engineering side I focused on telecommunications and information technology.

  1. Where do you live today?

I live around Frankfurt in Germany for over twelve years now .

  1. Why are you willing to become a mentor for the MyFutureNow project of Mapubi?

Being an engaged member of Mapubi since the beginning of the adventure, it is just a logical step for me to take part into the MyFutureNow project. However after a long experience of community projects with different associations, this project sounds really innovative in the sense that it is not just about providing help or a specific service, but more about including the target audiences into the development of solutions. I’m also really excited about the networking aspect, which consist not only on putting professionals in contact, but most of all of creating a bridge between students and professionals. This guarantees a good tradeoff between innovative ideas and experience.

  1. Are you involved in community projects that benefit the African diaspora or African communities? Please describe them?

In the past I was mainly engaged for the diaspora, where I worked on community project promoting intercultural dialog or being committed into the orientation and integration of foreign students at my university in Germany. Around the end of my studies I decided to reorient my focus on developing projects in Africa. This decision lead amongst others to the creation of the Mapubi association, of which we are so proud today.

  1. What are your expectations from this project?

My first concern is that all participants get the scope and the openness of this project to integrate new ideas. The first step of this initiative is to build an effective network of student and mentors. The second step is to work together on specific developing issues on our continent. My expectation is first of all to be part of such a great community and I’m excited about great ideas that will come up out of these interactions.



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