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Interview with Mrs Olivia Mbou

Olivia Mbou, Dipl. Inform / IT Manager / Consultant Lufthansa Industry Solutions


  1. Please introduce yourself and tell us your name, country of origin, profession and hobbies.

My name is Olivia Mbou and I am originally from Cameroon. I have an engineer degree in computer sciences and have been working as a consultant for more than ten years in several positions including software developer, team coordinator and quality manager first for Accenture in Germany and North America and now for Lufthansa Industry Solutions.

I love cooking, traveling, reading, jogging and spending time with my family and friends. I sing in the choir of my home church.

  1. What was your academic cycle ?

As a child, I went to school in Côte d'Ivoire, Kenya and Cameroon, where I obtained a Baccalauréat C at the age of seventeen.

After that I learned German in Nigeria, where I was living with my family, and traveled to Germany to study Computer Sciences at the Technical University of Darmstadt.

After graduating from the university I was directly employed by a multinational consulting company.

  1. Where do you live today?

Today I live most of the time in Germany, where I am employed and spend almost all my free time in Cameroon with my family.

  1. Why are you willing to become a mentor for the MyFutureNow project of Mapubi?

I wanted to become a mentor for this project, because I wanted to give back to my community.

Africa is the continent that suffers the most from brain drain, though It is probably the continent that has to offer the most cause everything has to be done in every field (infrastructure-, medical-, technology field etc...). During this project I would like to share my experience with the students and their lecturers and enable them to reach the best of their potential.


  1. How are you involved in community projects that benefit the African diaspora or African communities? Please describe them?

I have been involved in community projects in Africa for the past 10 years. I founded the Mapubi organization in 2009 to enhance knowledge transfer between academics and professionals in Africa and the African diaspora. Before that I was working in the

communication team of the Cameroonian Engineers Organization in Germany (VKII ) where I received a Merit Award.

     6.     What are your expectations from this project?

Through the summer school we are organizing at the IUT of Douala, I would love to inspire students and let them know that however the industry or the unemployment rate in their community may look right now, their hard work counts and they can contribute to improve the living standards in their community.

Furthermore, as a mentor I would love to motivate more women in Africa to aspire to IT jobs as well.

Finally through the mentors platform, I am expecting to see raising an African community of professionals without borders that will impact their communities and will meet each year at a different location in Africa.



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