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The MAPUBI NGO is working with the MAPUBI LABS to organize the 2019 Summer School, at the "Assessment Center" in partnership with HERO Cameroon and ONA ITConsulting. Aimed at brainstorming the objectives of the Assessment Center and how it will  function, and how it will be achieved. This one-week event took place at the MAPUBI center in Yaounde with a total of 21 participants within the 03 days of intense work from the 22 nd to the 24rd of July 2019 from 9am to 5pm.

The Assessment Center is not just for knowledge transfer, but has been brought out of the way. They are included

  • The Mapubi Community Project
  • The Mapubi Lab Incubation Center
  • The Mapubi Talent Hub (Pool of Consultants).

Madam Olivia Mbou from which the other partners and participants are invited to join the presentation of the trainers by the CEO and Founder of the Mapubi . The objectives of the assessment center were explained out clearly. An introduction to the SCRUM methodology made by Madam Olivia. A presentation of the ONA IT plateform was done by Mr. Arthur Pessa of ONA IT Consulting. Entrepreneur, CEO and board Chairman of ONA IT Consulting Mr. Jean Herve Tehele .

Team building was done after lunch break, following the main project activities listed above, with the aim of each project clearly explained for a better understanding so members could do the right brainstorming during their workshops.

The community project group, which is the concept-defining high-impact community project for Cameroon and which had one of the regions facing crises.

The Labs group, had as goal, to define quality processes and methodologies to be used in the incubation center.

The Talent hub group to process, activities and services the hub would offer to their customers.


        Day two starts off with an introduction to ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library Sture), by Mrs. Olivia Mbou, where she Explains what it is all about and how important it is, what it uses during our workshop sessions. From this, proceeding to the presentation of the day by the Mapubi trainers.

A presentation on web / app development did done by Mr. Stanly Medjo , the CEO and Founder of Cameroon GCE revision, . A presentation on the project Uemergency one of the summer school products by Mr. Steve Mfeyet who is the project manager of the project and specialist in ERP. This is followed by Miss Tatiana Nsei specialized in community / content management at the Mapubi NGO.

Madam Olivia was the day mentor and was drilled by Dr Fonzoa Mbi Vanessa after the presentations. After lunch break, the various groups start their evening workshop sessions as usual, where they are, their various activities, resources and costs for their projects, working towards their various group tasks.


     Olivia Mbou is PMP Professional with over 10 years experience in PMP coaching. The various groups were given time to finish their activities, resources and costs, not forgetting their presentations. The mentoring session was done by Dr Njang Emmanuel.

Presentations were done on the incubation project by Mr. George Marchant , the manager of MAPUBI labs Cameroon, the community projects by the Doctors and the Hub projects by its members.

All thesis worked towards Achieving the goal of the assessment center which was to "define projects and workgroups did would launch sustainable employment for young people in Cameroon"

To conclude the summer school "Assessment Center" this year is in a different form and a great experience. There is knowledge exchange during the evening workshop sessions. Due to the rapid digitization of our society today, technology is involved in every group.




We would like to use this opportunity to thank all project helpers and facilitators. 

  • Special thanks to our partners HERO Cameroon and ONA ITConsulting, not forgetting our participants for the relentless efforts towards acheiving the set goals.

We are also grateful to all the mentors who contributed to making this program a success.


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