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 Vocational Training Center in Abuja

Training year 2019 / 2020



     Since June 2019, Mapubi ev in  collaboration with Girls360empowermentAndDevelopment foundation (Girls360) have been working on building a vocational training center around the city of Abuja for orphans, street children and children from families with very low income. This project is under the sponsorship of CIM with project name “From Empowered Girls to Impacting Women".

Girls360 aims  to reach the poorest in the community by offering trainings to empower the youths and women. These trainings include piggery entrepreneurship, fashion design training and ICT training (digital marketing).

Workshops have been organized to mobilize the communities in Dagbana about the project and the training is now ongoing. This includes, the “Trainer for Youth Education in Nigeria” in collaboration with the Leaders and people of Dagbana Community in Abuja, through enlightenment Campaigns. We had about 5 trainers each with their assistants.


Throughout this project, Girl360 Team created and is implementing knowledge sharing projects under three main domains

  1.  Piggery entrepreneurship training
  2.  Fashion design training,
  3. Basic Computer Operation Training, which identifies with the
  • UN SDG1 - No to poverty by empowering people with entrepreneurship training and skills,
  • UN SDG 2 - Zero Hunger by enhancing food security through agriculture.
  • UN SDG 4 - Quality Education by empowering people with educational knowledge and practical skill and
  • UN SDG 8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth by empowering entrepreneurs with knowledge and skills that make them self-employed, who in turn become employers of labor which enhances economic growth.


In these first months, the piggery training started in June with the training in construction of the pigsty. This was followed by the trainees learning how buy pregnant pigs and to care for pigs and their littles ones when they’re just born.


“Trainer for Youth Education in Nigeria” and Project Activity “Piggery construction involved 5 Expert Trainers who trained about 24 registered trainees (7Males and 17Females) through the whole processes of shelter creation in Piggery Entrepreneurship.

The farm Manager and his assistant were also involved at this stage and trained them on crops cultivation and how to provide nourishing natural food for the pigs and humans. They taught the trainees all the processes of shelter creation for pigs, comprising of digging and blinding foundations, forming the mixture of cement, sand and stones for diverse uses, laying the blocks, creating the shelter Pig Sties, security post, fencing, double-cast the floor of the Pig Sties, plastering the walls and flooring the entire pig house.

The Roofing and Carpentry Engineer, and his two assistants trained them on Roofing and Netting aspects of creating shelter for the pigs”

The Water and Plumbing Engineer, and his two assistants taught the trainees the processes of sinking boreholes or digging wells for water, plumbing the pig sties to connect to the source of water, how to manage the evacuation of waste to the sewage and keep the environment clean.

The Electrical and Security Engineer, and his three assistants trained them on how to guarantee the safety of the pigs, the students and workers in the farm by providing electricity, lighting and security gates, iron doors and windows with burglary proofs and iron gates for every Pig Sty.

The Knowledge Sharing Activities involved in the whole process of training in Piggery Entrepreneurship  in Pig Breeding.


Furthermore, a fashion center training was launched in August “Trainer for Youth Education in Nigeria” and Project Activity, “Sewing Machines for the Fashion Centre” included Procurement of different type of sewing machines, Renovation, Expansion and Furnishing of the Fashion Centre. The Knowledge Sharing Activities involved in the whole process of training about 32(30females/2males) registered trainees in Fashion Design and Tailoring involved 2 Expert Trainers, one in women and children wears and the other trainer in men wears. This included English, Native and Intercontinental fashions, suits, costumes and casual wears.


Also, towards the end of the year, the students and their trainers set up an ICT center where they will be able to learn how to markets the goods provided in the center.This ICT training hall has been prepared to welcome our training in April  2020. This Project activity involved the Procurement of 3 Laptops and 3 Desktops for setting up the ICT Hub” The Knowledge Sharing Activities involved in the whole process of training about 23 registered trainees(7 females/ 16 males) in Computer Operations and involve 2 Expert Trainers, who trained them on the basic knowledge of the computer, its numerous components and the various uses of the computer and the following equipment, tools and accessories were procured for the theoretical and practical training of the trainees. The project procured

  • 1 HP Office-Jet Pro 6830 4-in-one Printer
  • Accessories
  • Installation and electrical wiring of the ICT Hub,
  • Set up the ICT Hub with furniture and furnishing
  • Upgrading Girl360 ICT Hub with “more electronic gadgets” such as: (UPS) Desktops, Internet Router, generator for power supply.


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